“Food consumes us. Everyday we think about what we are going to eat, where, and with whom. It connects us. It brings our community together. Whether you start your day with us and enjoy our superb coffee on the go, sit down for a delicious breakfast, join us for a tasty business lunch, or an unforgettable family dining celebration one thing is certain - we are here to serve you and our community with great tasting quality food, fast service, and a friendly, welcoming staff.

My brother Costa and I watched how our dad dominated breakfast and lunch everywhere his restaurants were located on Long Island, New York for more than 25 years . I’m so excited for you to enjoy his time-tested, critically acclaimed recipes combined with my personal award-winning executive chefs. Enjoy!” -Criss

John Sarantakos

Our dad John Sarantakos working in his dad's restaurant

1938 The Lost City Café

1938: The Lost City Café

2021 Cablp

2021: Cablp

Ya Wanna Pizza Me?!

Moapa Valley
Proud America

God Bless America

“Being from New York, I’m obsessed with pizza - and am somewhat of a Pizza connoisseur. So, I scoured the east coast for the best-of-the-best to bring to Cablp. I think you’ll agree that there is nothing like our partner’s, Pieologist Mike Baram, pizza! He has been making the best pizzas for more than 20 years - it’s in his Italian DNA!” - Criss

Owners Costa, Criss and Mike

Owners Costa, Criss and Mike

Forget Vegas!
I'm in Overton, NV
eating with Criss, cowboys,
bikers, & aliens...
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